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In the media, press, and her personal life, Jaz Robbins has been compared to Gabourey Sidibe for her acting chops; Maya Angelou for the way she puts words on a page; Tony Robbins for her exceptional ability to motivate and inspire others; and Oprah Winfrey for the way she makes it seem so effortless.  She is the master of many trades and has her hands in a number of industries.  She's a perfectionist to the core and those around her have come to expect nothing less.



Jaz grew up in a single-parent home in Wilmington, North Carolina. She spent most of her younger years holding on to a cluster of unanswered questions as her life experience seemed to be vastly different from those she attended private school with.  Behind the closed doors of her home was a great deal of abuse that forced her to live in her mind, where she created an alternate reality filled with joy, comfort, and hope.


She began taking dance classes at the age of five, and they quickly became her positive outlet of expression.  She danced solo for the first time at six years old and was immediately struck by the performing bug.  She had no idea at the time, but dance would become the life raft she clung to when the waters of her life seemed too treacherous to navigate.  As it was at the age of six that she was sexually abused for the first time.


When life became difficult with her mother, Jaz left Wilmington for Winston-Salem, North Carolina. There she lived with her father and finished her last three years of high school before heading to North Carolina State University.

Depression served as the backdrop of Jaz's college experience as she attempted to make sense of the dysfunctional life she'd been living. Those four years were littered with promiscuity, self-harm, drinking, over-eating, and a suicide attempt.  She wore a grand mask during her time at NC State as none of her friends knew of the inner turmoil that she battled. Thankfully she still had dance that she could lean on and turn to for comfort.  Pushing her way through years of tear-filled days, she completed her degree and earned a bachelor's degree in Food Science and Nutrition.



Jaz began working independently as a Nutritionist right out of college and has helped scores of individuals achieve their wellness goals by applying principles that she used and continues to use today. The heavy weight of depression had been lifted and her entire perspective and outlook on life shifted as well.  Jaz thoroughly enjoyed helping people but it wasn’t until she relocated from North Carolina to Los Angeles that she got a glimpse of how far her helping hands could actually reach.


In 2009 she made the bold decision to share her personal story of trial and triumph with the world through her autobiographical one woman show, Stepping On a Few Toes. The show details hurts, pains and dark skeletons in her closet that would bring shame to most. By courageously sharing her secrets, she was unintentionally helping audience members fight their personal battles—and win. It was then that she got a better understanding of how important her voice is and the kind of hurt she was put on this earth to heal. 


Jaz prides herself in walking the walk as she’s personally dealt with abuse, depression, lack of confidence, and obesity; and she truly believes everyone has the power to overcome any obstacle thrown at them, no matter its size.  And that’s the Jaz Robbins difference. She is a person who has been there, battled demons, and won the war.  After a single conversation with her you know she is different and you know she cares. She genuinely enjoys helping others tap into the goodness that lies within them as she takes an individual approach to helping them straighten the crooked roads they’ve been traveling.


She is pursuing a PsyD in Clinical Psychology from the prestigious Pepperdine University. She is also the founder and CEO of the nonprofit, Healing, Hope & Love. She is a performer; she is an author; she is a speaker; and all of those words are too small to truly capture the magnetism and power that Jaz Robbins possesses. Her gentle spirit, kind heart, and warm smile cross national and international boundaries, uniting people from all walks of life. Her name has become synonymous with strength and her words with encouragement.  She is...Jaz Robbins.

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