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Stepping On a Few Toes

12 characters. 1 message. her story.

written & performed by Jasmynne-Shaye

directed by Jaimyon Parker

Stepping On a Few Toes is an autobiographical one-person show written and produced by Jasmynne-Shaye Robbins.  It is an honest story of survival that follows the journey of a young child desperately searching for love and acceptance.  This journey leads her to many dead ends forcing her to constantly retrace her steps and in many cases begin at square one all over again.  Treading with much frustration and hopelessness, she somehow manages to cut a clear path. She finds delivery from the rainy days to which she’d grown accustomed and her new path leads her to the warmth and sunshine she’d always longed for.  During the show Jasmynne-Shaye shares with us her struggles on the often times rocky road to self-acceptance as she finally learns the real meaning of loving herself for herself. 


by the National NAACP Theatre Awards

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