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Always providing motivation and inspiration, Jaz's presence is a gift to those pursuing careers in the entertainment industry, looking for information in the nutrition and wellness field, seeking healing from abuse, desiring leadership training, or entrepreneurial success.  She always shares personal experience with her audiences allowing them to connect with her on a very intimate, private level.  She encourages, provides hope, and energizes every crowd she touches.



Jaz Robbins is a powerhouse with thriving careers in both the entertainment industry and the corporate arena.  She is an actor, a poet, a writer, a business owner, and a child advocate.  Her personal story of survival and triumph has touched the lives of many and she prides herself on encouraging others to not only achieve their dreams but to do so while being their most authentic self.  Her road to happiness and fulfillment has been a long one and it is her hope that others learn from the path she has traveled.


Visit The Active Experience for more information, or to request Jaz Robbins for your upcoming event.


Client references available upon request.

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