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Still Standing is a collection of original poems and essays written by Jasmynne-Shaye. The poems read like private diary entries as each speaks to a specific, intimate moment that she experienced.  Each poem is then followed by an encouraging, thought-provoking essay inspired by the poem it stands with. It’s an easy read that’s filled with emotion, gratitude, pain, and triumph. Jasmynne-Shaye's message is simple: you may get knocked down, but what matters most is that you’re still standing at the end of the day.

Kirkus Review


"...what sets Shaye's poetry collection apart is the series of accompanying essays exploring each poem in greater detail.  A tactic that...actually proves quite charming."


"readers looking for easy-to-digest nuggets of motivation may savor it."


"Endearing and inspiring"

Promotional video for "I Have," Jasmynne-Shaye's signature poem.

After reading the book, two fans, Jonaral Martin and Nathaniel Nuñez, created this video as a tribute and thank you.

Poems Featured in the Book




A Wish

My Favorite Book

Fast Asleep

Be Mine

Best Friend

Just As Bad

Blue Moment

I Have

Family Ties

How Do You Write a Poem?

In Spite of You

Nothing On Paper

Still Standing

What the Readers Are Saying...


"We love your book. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.  You are amazing."  ~BPO


"Though I've only read the first three passages, it has been very enlightening and warm. Thank you for this!"  ~ODS


"I love you, you're beautiful, you never stop inspiring me. You make me want to be a better human."  ~NM


"Just purchased my copy and can't put it down!  I've always been a fan of her blogs and now this book! Please support my friend and sister Jasmynne Shaye! I won't be disappointed!:  ~VR


"IT'S HERE! Jasmynne Shaye's debut as a published author! These stories and poems are touching, thought-provoking, hilarious, and poignant! You NEED this in your life! We all do! Get your copy TODAY!"  ~JP

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