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Jeff Rasley

The Golden Penny is a unique journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, and personal growth.  It's a book that one cannot passively peruse as it requires the reader to take action and it holds the reader accountable for those actions taken (or not taken).  It is a book designed to allow you to get to know you on a deeper, more intimate level. 


And for all of those that would read more if you had the time, The Golden Penny is your answer, as it only requires you to read one passage each week.  That’s right.  This extraordinary book removes every excuse so that you’re able to take the ride of your life over the course of fifty-two weeks.  Slow and steady wins this race because it’s all about you connecting with you.  Jasmynne-Shaye has brilliantly crafted this book in a way that allows the reader to live with the material long after he/she has finished the book.  This is an exploration that you will want to take.  Previous readers admit that it’s no cake walk, but they also agree that you’ll never be the same.  So be courageous and get your copy today so that you can see what it feels like to experience #52WeeksOfGold.



“There are questions that must be answered to become your very own best friend, to discover your true passion, and then to fulfill your wildest dreams. The Golden Penny provides a grounded structure that, when followed, will be one of your greatest investments in yourself.”

—Claudette Faison | CEO, Unlocking Futures


“The Golden Penny can undoubtedly change the way a person approaches every aspect of life. Jasmynne-Shaye offers practical advice for living a full, rewarding life and serves an appropriate dose of tough love along with her advice. Her nuggets of truth coupled with relevant, relatable personal stories provide a sustaining foundation for the reader to reflect, execute, accomplish, and excel.”

—Tomika W. Greer, PhD

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